Sharehouse Goods is a new store in the Washington Park/Sherman Park neighborhood. Sharehouse sells donated items and gives back a percentage of funds to you or your selected place of donation. Bethel– Bethany has an account at Sharehouse Goods. Drop off your books and CD’s and proceeds from the sale can be designated to Bethel–Bethany!


5507 W. North Avenue

Open 7am—5pm Mon – Sat

Sharehouse Goods receives excess stuff from individuals or organizations (our sharers), and then we liquidate that stuff, creating jobs for people in Milwaukee. The process is simple: we receive what people are willing to share, and then we sell it online or at our storefront, creating revenue for the sharers (to keep or to donate), and jobs for people who are struggling to find employment.

There’s a lot of sharing going on, and even more surprises, at Sharehouse Goods.