When I was a boy learning how to play tennis, my father used to preach discipline: good practice skills, good attitude, and good form.  Though I never achieved the kind of success on the tennis courts that I’d hoped to, I learned some valuable lessons about the importance of discipline; not in the way of punishment, but in the way of good practice.  When I think about Lent Disciplines, I think less about giving something up—unless it’s a “bad habit”—and more about taking on a    practice that will help me to grow in the Love of God; the Love made known in and through Jesus and later his “disciples,” who followed his “Way”.

At the same time, in order to take on a positive discipline that probably does mean that we give up something that’s drawing us away from the Love of God, our neighbors, and ourselves.  What is that for you?  Sometimes it can mean letting go of a habit that consumes to much of your time and provides no benefit. Or it can mean refraining from eating something that is detrimental to your health. The discipline of giving up during Lent can lead to taking on a new practice, a new attitude, and new form that leads to the “good life” that Jesus promises.

Beginning on Ash Wednesday, February 18, we’ll begin our Lenten Journey with a community meal at 6:00 followed by a meditative service at 7:00 that’s filled with: song, prayer, personal reflection. Communion, and the imposition of the ashes.

During Lent, resources will be provided, opportunities for ecumenical worship and interfaith learning,  additional opportunities for Adult Ed with BB Folks and friends (see inside) and “dynamic worship” led by our Associates in Ministry along with our ordained members, Rev. Ruth Krymkowski and Rev. Joyce Lawlor.

This is a season for all ages to learn to take on a positive “Lenten Discipline.”  Join us on Ash Wednesday and begin the journey with your community of faith.

On the Journey with You … and with God ~ Pastor Tim