Sharing the Vision: Our mission statement calls us to “celebrate and share God’s Love … as an inclusive Christian Church serving the urban and global community.”

With that vision in mind, you are invited to Share the Faith, Share the Song, and Share the Love.



Sharing the Faith: Would you be willing to Share the Faith in a five minute reflection on what it means to you to be part of a faith community like Bethel-Bethany?  For example: on Sunday, June 11, Scot Bennett will be sharing how teaching Sunday School has shaped his faith.  On Sunday, June 18, I will share how my father and the “fathers” of the church have guided my faith and on Sunday, June 25, Evan Finger will be sharing how his year of service in Johnstown, Pennsylvania has strengthened his faith.  During the summer, Rev. Ruth Krymkowski (July 2), Rev. Meredith Anderson (July 9) and Rev. Shai Wise (August 13) will also be preaching and sharing their faith. Sundays, July 23 and 30 and Sundays, August 6, 20 and 27 are all times when you could share a reflection on faith and community, if the Spirit moves you. Just talk to Pastor Tim, if you are interested in the opportunity to Share the Faith.

Sharing the Song: As we have for many summers, you are invited to Share the Song during worship. Talk to Debbie Cincotta, our Music Director, if you would like to sing or play your instrument.  Debbie will also be scheduling a time when women of the church can practice a song together to be sung on a Sunday morning later in July or August. Pastor Tim would like to set up a few evenings when people who are interested in learning a few songs from African American and World traditions can come together to sing.  Talk to Debbie or Tim if you are interested in the opportunity to Share the Song.

Sharing the Love:  Everyday, we have an opportunity to Share the Love of God made known in and through Jesus Christ. This summer, we will    continue to encourage you to volunteer in the church’s neighborhood, the city, and the world. If you would like to invite others to join you in mission work that you are involved in, please let Pastor Tim and Lisa Quinn, our Admin., know and we’ll help you get the word out. You could also share your passion on a Sunday morning as a way to Share the Love.

– Pastor Tim