The Evangelism Committee of Bethel-Bethany has made the decision to shrink the size of our church’s pantry.  We currently have sufficient stock for 2 families and a some extra so an order can be modified to individual taste.  Excess donation and stock that may expire soon is donated to Zion Rock Pantry at 102nd and Fond du Lac Avenue.  This is one of the four Friedens Ministries pantries in  Milwaukee.

We do not have any pressing needs for food at Bethel-Bethany.  However, Zion Rock pantry has an ongoing shortage of bread/buns/bagels.  They fly off the shelf as soon as they are stocked.  Due to limited shelf life, there rarely is enough for more than a couple of days.  If you can bring any of this food group to church on Sundays, we will take it to the pantry on Tuesday evenings. Thank you for your continuing your assistance in providing food for the hungry in our community.


Paul Fried for the Evangelism Community