to all of you, young and old and in-between, who toil on our Second Sundays to make sandwiches for the Guest House, Cathedral Center and other caring places. Special thank you to Cindy Krause who delivered the sandwiches to the Cathedral Center last week and others who have made the deliveries in the past. Working together we make a great team.

Special shout out of thanks also to all of you who have contributed bakery to Zion Rock and purchased fig bits that magically get turned into bakery for this pantry.

Up to this point I have been thinking only food when I think of pantry needs. But toothpaste, tooth brushes, soap, shampoo/conditioner can be essentials that just aren’t available to everyone. If you can pick up an extra one of these when you are out shopping, Zion Rock would really appreciate them.

– Paul Fried


Shopping list:

  • bread
  • toothpaste (travel size)
  • toothbrush (individual wrapped)
  • soap – individual wrapped bars
  • shampoo/conditioner – small and travel size