On December 16, Thad Winkle, pastoral candidate, joined us for worship and was voted unanimously as the next pastor of Bethel-Bethany.

Thad will bring many gifts to our church and we look forward to welcoming him to Bethel-Bethany.  He is wise and mature beyond his years, quickly relates to and is compassionate with all, a strong preacher and a creative worship leader. In his own words…

“My own formation for ministry has been shaped by continuing conversions of recognition that those I assumed to be ‘outsiders’ are truly at the heart of God’s loving mission for the redemption of all things.  From living and working in an urban and economically impoverished neighborhood in the American South to working with currently and formerly incarcerated individuals as well as patients at a state psychiatric hospital, my calling has been to continually revisit the question of context – to be challenged by those with whom I sit and to discern God’s still-speaking voice in their own stories of pain, hope, trauma, and grace.”

We believe that God has led us to this exciting moment in our ministry…and so does Thad.  We look forward to growing together as a faith community, serving others and proclaiming the good news of God’s love.


Thad’s Sermon December 16, 2018