Meet the Staff

Timothy Perkins

Senior Pastor

Rev. Dr. Timothy Perkins, or Pastor Tim, has served at Bethel-Bethany for over 30 years. Pastor Tim comes from a very ecumenical upbringing, grounded in daily faithful living. Pastor Tim shares his passion of all-inclusive worship and social justice and ministry to the immediate neighborhood and to the world every week at BB.


Take a few moments to meet Pastor Tim:



Rev. Shai Wise – Associate in Ministry

Rev. Shai Wise is one of the Associates in Ministry at Bethel- Bethany. He and his family are members as well, and are very active within the congregation.


You can hear one of Rev. Shai’s sermon’s here:
January 17, 2016 Sermon

Joya Colon- Berezin

Joya Colon-Berezin hails from New York City. She is a graduate of Oberlin College (2002) and New York Theological Seminary (2012) where she also served as a Teaching Assistant. Joya has a background in community organizing and ecumenical movement building. Prior to joining Bethel-Bethany as a Ministry Associate, she worked for Church World Service as Ecumenical Relations Coordinator for the Immigration and Refugee Program. She currently lives in Madison, Wisconsin with her wife, Charisa Kiyo.

You can hear one of Joya’s sermons here:  Feb 28, 2016 Sermon

Debbie Cincotta

Debbie Cincotta is our Music Director at Bethel-Bethany. You can find her every Sunday as our pianist, organist, choir director, and all around music leader.

Lisa Quinn

Lisa Quinn is our Administrative Assistant. While she only works part-time for Bethel-Bethany, she works at two other area churches and is also the coordinator of the Ecumenical Partners in Christ (EPiC) meetings, events, and ministries.