We’re a small but mighty congregation

Our numbers may be few, but together we can have a big impact on our community and the world. The reason is simple: we know that with the help of God, we can move mountains.

We truly enjoy serving, working and playing together. From chairing a church committee, to attending the annual ice cream social, we conduct our interpersonal relationships with joy, compassion, and respect.

Church Committees

Bethel-Bethany is governed by volunteer members of the congregation, elected by the full membership annually, as specified in Bethel-Bethany’s Constitution and By-laws.

The Church Council is the primary governing committee. It consists of ten regularly elected members, plus the pastor as an ex-officio member. Council members can be nominated by the Nominating Committee, or by open nomination at the Congregational State of the Church Meeting. They are elected by ballot at that meeting, and serve for two-year terms, with a maximum of two consecutive terms.  A President, Vice-President, Recording Secretary, Finance Secretary and Treasurer make up the Executive Committee of the Church Council. Each of the officers serves a one-year term, and is elected by the council immediately following the January Congregational Meeting.

The Church Council meets once per month.

2018 Church Council, including Executive Committee Members*:
Chris Chance – President*
Maris Fried– Vice President*
Karin Haug – Secretary*
Kevin Wolf – Treasurer* (not on council)
Jeanne Fehr – Finance Secretary* (not on council)
Thomas Derenne
Holger Foersterling
Steve Komes
Ric Kory-Krohn
Caryn Redemann
Kathy Reed
Kas’ Whitmore
Pastor Tim Perkins

Bethel-Bethany’s governing committees include Worship, Christian Education, Evangelism, Finance, Properties, and Endowment (Memorial and Next Century Funds). These committees consist of appointed members and the Pastor and are led by a chair elected by the committee. All committee members are appointed by a temporary Nominating Committee at the State of the Church Meeting in January. Each committee member serves a three-year term, with the opportunity to renew for a second three-year term.

Each committee also has a council liaison, a council member who may or may not be on the committee, but to whom the committee chair reports monthly. This report is carried to the monthly council meeting.

For more information the Church Council and the assorted committees, please see the Church Handbook (PDF).

2018 Church Committees, members, chairs, and council liaisons:

Bonnie Andrews
Thomas Derenne (Communion Rep)
Debbie Cincotta, Music Director
Marsha Poulsen (Altar Rep)
Meredith Anderson
Diane Warner
Pastor Tim Perkins, CHAIR and Council Liaison

Christian Education:
Scott Bennett, Superintendent
Val Sauvé, CHAIR
Marsha Poulsen
Holger Foersterling, Council Liaison Only
Meredith Anderson, Youth Advisor
Lynne Woerhle
Pastor Tim Perkins

Paul Fried, CHAIR
Karin Haug, Council Liaison
Steve Coleman
Theresa Dawson
Cindy Krause
Nick Kory-Krohn
Ta’Tanisha Duckworth
David Redemann
Karin Haug and Maris Fried, Coffee hour
Pastor Tim Perkins

Bart Versteegh, CHAIR
Paul Fried
Kas’ Whitmore Council Liaison

Mark Plumb, CHAIR
Steve Komes, Council Liaison
Bart Versteegh
Nealy Rothe
Fred Waddell
Carolyn Pauls, Thank you cards
Pastor Tim Perkins

Kevin Wolf (Treasurer), CHAIR
Chris Chance Council Liaison Only
Jeanne Fehr (Finance Secretary)
Cindy Krahenbuhl
Steve Grabow
Mark Plumb (Endowment Committee Chair)

Nominating Committee 2018-19:
(Chair TBD by Council)
Marsha Poulsen
Jeanne Fehr
Kas’ Whitmore
Ruth Russell

SE Association Delegates 2018:
Katy Ferguson
Joan Kutter

Wisconsin Conference Delegates 2018:
Ruth Russell
Kas’ Whitmore

Congregational Meetings

The Bethel-Bethany Annual State of the Church Meeting is held every January, and the annual Business Meeting is held in November.

At the State of the Church Meeting, we receive and discuss the annual reports of the Pastor and the Officers of the Church, we receive the annual reports of recognized committees and other organizations, we nominate and elect members of the Church Council, we elect delegates to the Southeast Association of the UCC and the Wisconsin Conference of the UCC, we report on committee appointments, and we discuss and act upon any recommendations of the Church Council. We may also vote upon suggestions made by members of the congregation that are acceptable under Bethel-Bethany’s Constitution and By-laws.

At the Business Meeting, we discuss and approve the budget for the upcoming fiscal year, and the nominating committee is activated.

Members are given written notice of these meetings at least two weeks in advance, and the pastor announces the meetings from the pulpit at two regular Sunday services.

Special meetings may be called by a quorum of the Church Council, or by the Pastor, at any time such action is necessary. Criteria for calling these meetings can be found in the “By-laws of Bethel-Bethany UCC: Article VII – Section 2”.