Kids’ Rock Sunday School

At Bethel-Bethany, Sunday School is called Kids’ Rock. And believe us, it rocks. It’s a lively, engaging Bible study experience for children K-5 through 7th grade. Kids’ Rock happens on the first floor of the Parish House or the new classroom in the lower level of the church from September through May each year. Parents of Kids’ Rock students are encouraged to participate in their children’s Christian education by volunteering to be a Sunday School teacher. Rotation of the teachers is typically 3 to 4 weeks. Young people confirmation age and above are also welcome to volunteer as classroom assistants.

The Sunday School Superintendent is responsible for recruiting and training volunteers to serve as Sunday School teachers on a rotating basis. Sunday School teachers are expected to prepare in advance for their classes, and to teach every week except the first Sunday of each month (and other days as determined by the Superintendent and the Christian Education Committee). Bethel-Bethany supplies all materials needed for classes. Sunday School teacher training is typically held before the beginning of the school year in September, and throughout the year as required.

This year, we are using the Whirl! curriculum – come and meet the Whirl! characters:
Grades Kindergarten through 2nd grade:

Grades 3rd – 7th


Passion Play

The Passion Play the Kids’ Rock kids put together in 2013.