Let’s raise $33,00

 to honor the Rev. Dr. Tim Perkins’ service to our community and to help ensure his legacy

Tim is retiring after 33 years of service as Pastor of Bethel-Bethany UCC. Throughout the past 33 years, Tim has been dedicated to the Tri-Block Neighborhood in Sherman Park, the greater Milwaukee community and the United Church of Christ in Wisconsin.

He has served children and families by developing programs like Urban Immersion, Kid’s Club, Community Dinners and The Community House, and by working together with a variety of lay and ecumenical partner organizations such as SPARC – Sherman Park Association of Religious Communities, 4-H, Literacy Services, Guest House, Cathedral Center, St Ben’s, Interfaith Conference of Greater Milwaukee, Interfaith Northwest Older Adult Programs, EPiC – Ecumenical Partners in Christ – Sherman Park churches, Islamic Center of Milwaukee, Common Ground, and  more.

To help Bethel-Bethany ensure the future of Tim’s Legacy of community engagement, donations will be added to our endowment funds. Tim has shown his faith in the congregation and the neighborhood through all his good work. Now let’s show our thanks and faith in our future…

Please consider gifts in multiples of $33:
1 Giving Unit $ 33
2 Giving Units $ 66
3 Giving Units $ 99
10 Giving Units $ 330
33 Giving Units $ 1,089
333 Giving Units $ 10,989

Make Checks Payable to Bethel-Bethany UCC with “Perkins 33” in Memo line

OR Donate online at BBUCC.org to “Perkins33” CLICK HERE to DONATE

Our Goal is 1,000 Giving Units, or $33,000

to support his vision of community engagement and Sharing God’s Love in the World

To download a flyer, click below: