What will you find at Bethel-Bethany?

Everyone in our community is welcome to receive the benefits of and participate in the ministries of the church. Non-members are fully invited to participate in worship (including communion), educational opportunities, engage in ministry in a variety of ways, participate in mission, and more. Further, our pastor is willing to meet with you at any stage of your involvement with our church.

As a part of the United Church of Christ, our church operates under a “covenantal” form of church governance, which means major decisions are not made in a vacuum or from the top down. They must be approved by the congregation. So, the only “perk” to membership at Bethel-Bethany is that you can be a voting participant in determining the future of our church and serve on Church Council, the elected decision-making body of our congregation.


We take this aspect of membership seriously, but more than opening up a new world of perks and benefits, church membership here is about commitment. It’s about deepening your engagement with the church and making a public profession of faith to be a follower of Jesus in this place and with these people. Our members take a vow to support the church’s ministry through their prayers, presence, gifts, service, and witness — that’s what it’s about!

Want to hear from a church member what it is like being a part of the Bethel-Bethany family? Meet Steve:


Bethel-Bethany Mission Statement

“To celebrate and share God’s Love through dynamic worship experiences, meaningful spiritual­ programs, and nurturing leadership opportunities, as an inclusive Christian church serving the urban and global community.”

Members Connection Events – Come grow with us!!  For more information, feel free to call the church office at 414-442-1281 or e-mail bethelbethanyucc@gmail.com.