Bible Studies and Prayer

Prayer is both talking to God and listening for God. When we pray together, we connect to the divine, to each other, and within ourselves. Along with Sunday worship, we gather several times a week around the word, virtually and in person.


Weekly Prayer Meetings

Since the start of the 2020 global pandemic, we’ve had a time of meeting together on Zoom every Tuesday and Thursday morning at 9:00 a.m. We spend this time hearing a Scripture reading for the day, sharing prayer requests, and spending a brief time connecting with each other. Even since returning to in-person activities, this has remained an important touchstone for many of our community and newcomers are always welcomed if you have a prayer request or would just like to check out what we’re up to. We also take time to read aloud each prayer request of our community during these times.

Join Tuesday/Thursday Zoom Check-In

Bible Study

Join our weekly bible study over Zoom – contact Pastor Thad for the next discussion.


“Reflexionary” Study Group

Join a group of Bethel-Bethany Bible readers on Thursday afternoons for a backyard Bible study. This group reads passages selected from the weekly lectionary and discusses them together. Contact our office for details.


Share a Prayer Request

Click to share a prayer request. Let us know if you would like a call from our pastor