Faith Formation

In a single line we could say faith formation is: equipping people to live as disciples of Jesus.

“Faith Formation seeks to help people:

  • Grow in their relationship with God for the whole of life
  • Live as disciples of Jesus at home, at work, in the community, and in the world
  • Develop an understanding of the Bible and their faith tradition
  • Deepen their spiritual life and practices
  • Engage in service and mission to the world
  • Participate in the life and ministries of their faith community”

Generations Together – by John Roberto

Here at Bethel-Bethany, we grow and live our faith everyday. Chat after worship during Fellowship Time.  Join a Bible Study or Book Discussion.  Share an online resource for daily prayer. Check out the other pages in this section for ways to grow and share your love of God.

Faith Formation for Kids

Faith Formation for Adults