Meet the Leadership

2024 Church Council 

Our church is run by our members, who discuss and vote on all major decisions relating to the life of our church. Throughout the year, members elected to our church council ensure we’re faithfully living out our mission to share God’s love. This group changes as members rotate off and are replaced by others through elections at the January Annual Congregational Meeting.

Our council meets on the second Wednesday of each month. Meetings are open, so if you’re interested in attending a meeting, let us know. If you would like to contact any Council member or Committee Chair, please email the office and your request will be forwarded. 


Council/ Executive Committee:

Chris Chance – President, tbd– Vice President, tbd – Recording Secretary,

Kevin Wolf – Treasurer (not on council), Jeanne Fehr – Finance Secretary (not on council)


Meredith Anderson, Anwar Jackson, Ryan Jackson, Brian Klabunde, Mark Plumb, Marsha Poulsen, Caryn Redeman, Megan Westra, Kassius Whitmore, Pastor Nikkeya Berryhill


2024 Church Committees

Our church’s committees include Worship, Christian Education, Evangelism/Mission, Finance, Properties, and Endowment. These committees consist of appointed members and the Pastor, and are led by a chair elected by the committee (listed below).


Worship: Pastor Nikkeya Berryhill                                       Christian Education: Angela Calise                          Evangelism/Mission: Ben Westra

Properties: Brian Klabunde                                                          Endowment: Val Sauvé                                                  Finance: Kevin Wolf