On Being Accessible to All

In 2014, our church made a bold commitment to becoming accessible to all by investing significant financial resources in making our church building accessible to people with disabilities. Accessibility might seem like an add-on feature of a church, but we view it as central to who we are, and we strive to become better as we continue to learn and reflect. 

Lobbyists successfully secured exemption for Christian churches from the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990, which means that churches do not need to reflect critically (or at all, for that matter) on how their physical spaces inherently exclude and discriminate against people with disabilities. We have not fully rectified this troubling reality that is part of our history as a Christian church. 

We as a congregation, however, acted – and continue to act – on our moral convictions about inclusion and accessibility for all. Because of our 2014 capital campaign, we now have ramps, an elevator and an accessible restroom that make our church space compliant with the ADA’s standards for accessible design.

If you have any concerns about accessibility and you’d like to visit us in person, please reach out to our office.