Serving in the Church

Sunday Mornings –

There are many ways to participate and connect during worship. Our community serves as A-V technicians, readers, singers, soloists, hosting fellowship after worship, and Sunday School teachers.

  • Serving during worship – A-V, reader, music – contact the church office: [email protected]
  • Serving during faith formation – as a Mentor or Co-Mentor for Sunday Youth Faith Formation Class – orientation provided – (or as a substitute), facilitating an Adult Faith Formation Discussion, participating in special events (Christmas Play), or in Confirmation – contact the Christian Ed team: [email protected]
  • Hosting Fellowship – sign up at church or – contact the church office: [email protected]

Pastoral Care –

All are Ministers – Part of being in community with one another is sharing in the fullness of life’s joys and sorrows together. Each of us are called to care for one another in all seasons of life. Perhaps share a meal with someone you haven’t yet gotten to know, or send a card when someone is grieving.

Properties and Grounds –

Between our church building and The Community House, we have a fair amount of property we are tasked with being responsible stewards of. There are (almost) always opportunities for skilled technicians to help maintain or make repairs or improvements to our physical properties. Contact the church office or our Properties Chair – Brian Klabunde – to find out how you can help: