What We Believe

As a community of faith, we have deep convictions and strongly held beliefs, but we don’t have a checklist or one set of doctrines that we require you to uphold in order to join us on this journey of faith. Most of our convictions center around the life of Jesus and the radical commitments to love, peace and justice that are woven throughout our Scriptures—both the Hebrew Bible and the Christian New Testament.

The people of our church bring a variety of beliefs with them. We have lifelong UCC’ers, exvangelicals, people who grew up Catholic or Lutheran or another Christian tradition, and others who have joined us from non-Christian backgrounds. This diversity of perspectives and experiences means different people come with different beliefs (and oftentimes baggage) and yet have found a spiritual home here with us. All of this makes us who we are, and we love being a place where a broad array of people put down their spiritual roots. 

We hesitate to post a list of beliefs we hold, but you can find out a lot about what we believe by looking around our website or visiting with us sometime. What our faith inspires us to do — and who it inspires us to be — is probably more important than what we say we believe anyways.